Friday, November 7, 2008

PDC: No, Windows 7: Yes

Windows 7
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Post by Craig Weber
Unfortunately, no one here could make it to PDC or WinHEC this year. So while we didn't get a nifty 160GB hard drive full of press kit materials, we did manage to get a hold of Windows 7 x64 build 6801. Over the next few weeks I'll be testing this build as thoroughly as possible, by completely replacing my normal Vista/Ubuntu laptop with a laptop running 7. General tasks will include web browsing (Firefox 3.0), photo-organizing (Adobe Lightroom 2.0), photo-editing (Adobe Photoshop CS3), programming (Eclipse), and writing (MS Word 2007). System specs follow; notice, as Windows 7 is supposed to use significantly fewer system resources, the Windows 7 laptop is much slower:

Vista Laptop (Dell Inspiron 1501)
  • 1.6GHz Turion 64 x2
  • 4GB 800MHz DDR2 RAM
  • 160GB 5400RPM HDD

Windows 7 Laptop (HP Compac 6715b)
  • 1.6GHz Turion 64 x2
  • 1GB 677MHz DDR2 RAM
  • 80GB 5400RPM HDD

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