Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Snowboarding and the art of Social Activity

Snow Boarding B/W, originally uploaded by Simon Mackney.

This winter, several of my friends and I decided to get season passes to the local Ski resort. When my dad heard about this, he questioned it by saying, "I thought you didn't like snowboarding?" While this isn't completely accurate (I have never been snowboarding before), it got me thinking. How much of what we do is not about the activity itself, but rather the people we do it with? And, how often do people mildly affected by Asberger's syndrome (such as my father and I) miss this detail.
Most people have probably found themselves going to a movie or some other activity, not because they really wanted to see that movie, but because their friends we're going. I personally feel that I have missed this many times, and focused more on the activity than the people.
How do you think this affects the relationships of those who have mild Asberger's? Let everyone know in the comments.

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